judi wentz at a radio stationExciting presentations that keep everyone's attention and leave participants knowing how simple it is to implement plans that prevent crime and keep everyone safer. 

Neighborhood Block Watch

Neighbors are the first line of defense in the fight against crime. Patrol cars can't sit in front of your house for hours at a time, but your neighbors can help watch for problems and let you (and 9-1-1) know when they see something wrong. Find out how easy it is to form a neighborhood group with Judi's hour-long presentation. Learn:

  • how to spot, report, and describe suspicious people, vehicles, and activity
  • how police and 9-1-1 work, and how to work effectively with them
  • how a simply drawn neighborhood map can be a powerful tool
  • how to use Operation ID, engraving or marking frequently stolen items
  • how to make doors and windows more secure, what kinds of locks work best
  • how to decide about alarm systems and how to make the most of them
  • how to use lighting, both indoors and out, to the best advantage

National Night Out

National Night Out (NNO) comes only once a year, the first Tuesday in August. In the way that holidays bring families together, NNO is a great ‘excuse’ to get neighbors together to get reacquainted. By simply having a potluck, BBQ or other gathering the 'strangers' on your street suddenly become 'neighbors' and neighbors are more inclined to call 9-1-1 when they see something wrong, rather than say "it's none of my business". Supplies, templates, and ideas for a successful NNO are included with this one-hour presentation. You'll learn how to include local police, invite them to talk about how your neighbors can work with them to fight and prevent crime in your neighborhood and community. Included, too, is information about how you can form a Neighborhood Block Watch once neighbors see how easy it is and have 'broken the ice' on getting together.

Crime Prevention

Just about everyone knows the expression, "You need to be the eyes and ears for police". In this one-hour presentation, you'll really understand why. Customized for businesses, neighborhoods, church and other groups, participants come away charged with excitement because instead of feeling frustrated, they know what they can do to help themselves and help their police work more effectively toward fighting and preventing crime. Any size group benefits from this presentation which covers subjects such as:

  • Robbery and Burglary prevention--citizen and employee training
  • 9-1-1--how it works and how to use it effectively
  • Local law enforcement--how it works, what programs they offer, and how to work with them
  • Better security--locks, lighting, alarm systems and making homes and buildings secure
  • Identity theft--how to prevent the fastest-growing crime and what to do if you are a victim
  • Online and phone scams--how to spot them and report them
  • Operation ID--learning how to engrave or mark commonly stolen items
  • Reporting crime--why it's imperative to report all crimes, what police need to know

This presentation includes handouts that enable participants to follow up on all they have learned.

Personal Safety for Adultsjudi wentz doing a presentation

Don't be a victim! This energetic one-hour presentation is customized to suit the audience, large or small groups of men, women, seniors, and special populations. Everyone comes away more aware and empowered with useful skills they can use the rest of their lives. Subjects include:

  • Avoid becoming a victim--the power of awareness, how to employ basic instincts
  • Basic self-defense--using your natural defenses and handy items, how to prepare and react
  • Weapons--what you must know about choosing and using them
  • Reporting crimes--how to describe people, vehicles, and suspicious activity

Personal Safety for Kids

Safety is NOT boring in these innovative and effective presentations for kids from preschool age through high school. Judi's entertaining straight talk during these interactive sessions keep kids interested and helps them retain the lessons. Encouraged to take part in their own safety, kids come away feeling empowered and less confused about what to do in a situation. Some subjects covered:

  • Strangers--kids learn easy-to-remember rules to assess situations rather than people
  • Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers--the basics to help themselves in so many situations
  • Safety Queen's Red Riding Hood--Iinnovative and fun story follow-up to subjects above
  • Safe Touch--PeeWee Panda “talks” to kids about when and how to say "no"
  • Crosswalks--it's not just "stop, look, & listen" anymore--street smarts for all ages
  • Guns--true stories bring to life the 4 rules of gun safety, creates a believable need for safety
  • Bullies--how to deal with them on and off the school grounds
  • Car Seats, Booster Seats, Seat Belts--why they're important, what really happens in a crash

Car Seats, Booster Seats, Crash Dynamics

What really happens to people during a crash?  Learn about crash forces and why it's so important to be properly restrained. A nationally certified car seat technician for over 10 years, Judi explains all this in an easy to understand manner. Beyond educational presentations, Judi assists parents with car seat installations and helps promote car seat clinics in communities. 

  • Parent groups--also caregivers, foster parents, and grandparents
  • Expectant parent groups
  • Preschool and daycare employees
  • Head Start and other early education groups--both students and staff
  • Elementary schools--both classroom and assembly
  • Healthcare and hospital employees
  • Fire and police employees
  • Public groups, service clubs, community meetings