Some days are hard when you have your own business. It's not always easy to promote yourself; it feels pushy and it can be an exercise in humility. Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated, there are more things to do than time allows and of course there's always financial worries.

Then, when I start telling someone what I do, my heart beats faster and I'm lost in the joy of sharing that's not only important but interesting. I'm a wanna-be teacher, but the real passion comes from seeing results. Both adults and kids come away from my talks empowered with vital, basic knowledge they can use the rest of their lives, no matter where they live. How awesome is that?

Well, it's awesome to me. . . .

  • when a parent finally knows how to get that car seat in tight
  • when a kid calls 9-1-1 with precise details about a suspicious car and person
  • when a neighbor prevents a burglary by recognizing the signs and calling police
  • when a teen saves himself from harm by knowing how to identify and react to danger.

Yeah, that stuff puts 'a song in my heart' and keeps me going!