Kids Are Amazing Learners

Kids are amazing; when it comes to learning, they are like dry sponges soaking up liquid.

The question is how to get them to absorb what we them to learn?  It’s hard to know because kids don’t analyze and explain their thoughts. We do know that kids learn better when there is a hands-on element.

The challenge fascinates me. I develop programs with the goal of making safety -- an abstract subject -- interactive and thereby effective.  A bonus is that I have more fun while making a lasting impact on the kids.

My favorite example of that impact? A mom told me that they “had” to buy a different car seat for their 4 year old son after my visit to his Head Start class. There were no handouts or parent letters; he came home and told her what he learned at my presentation. (His car seat had been given to a younger sibling and he was in a booster seat too early; he still needed the a harness system. He was able to explain this so well that he convinced his mom!