Safety Queen brings innovative crime prevention and safety presentations to adults and kids of all ages. 

judi wentzExciting and entertaining, the presentations offered by Safety Queen owner Judi Wentz take the ‘boring’ out of safety and crime prevention. Well-known for straight-talk with all ages, her topics are easy to understand. They empower audiences to take part in their own safety and to get involved in fighting crime.

In today's world, citizen involvement is crucial. Of all cases where criminals are caught in the act, more than 90% of those can be attributed to tips from citizens.

Both adults and kids are excited to learn WHEN to call, WHO to call, WHAT to say, and HOW to describe people, vehicles and other important facts. They learn how 9-1-1 works and how to use it effectively. These are life-changing presentations; the skills taught are useful to participants the rest of their lives.

Many police departments can’t offer safety and crime prevention programs to their citizens; they just don’t have enough staff. But they need citizen help more than ever.

After 10 years developing award-winning programs for the Kent Police Department in Washington State, Judi Wentz now brings her presentations to audiences of all ages through Safety Queen, LLC.


Judi provides her audiences with proven and practical safety tips by using true stories as examples so that everyone is able to relate to her presentations. 

The Kent Police Department was awarded the distinction of being ranked fifth in the nation in 2007 by the National Association of Town Watch for our National Night Out program. Judi's efforts (as the organizer of National Night Out) to include volunteers and staff from 13 other city departments made the event a huge success, with Kent ranking in the top ten cities over the past seven years. 

Judi is able to effectively listen and relate to people's concerns and provide resource information. She is a great ambassador as she exhibits professionalism, honesty, integrity and loyalty.

-- Steven D. Strachan, Chief of Police, Kent, Washington

As a Public Education Speciaiist with the Kent Police Department, Judi offered to teach safety to our Head Start preschoolers in Kent, Washington. She spent nine years giving hundreds if not thousands of safety presentatons. 

Her award-winning presentations were so effective that parents reported hearing safety lessons enthusiastically repeated at home and teachers were pleased at how well they retained the information. Subjects included Safe Touch, Car Seats, Crosswalks, Knowing Names and Phone Numbers, Lost in a Store and Calling 9-1-1. She designed parent-friendly bilingual handouts and took every opportunity to interact enthusiastically with parents. 

I could not be more delighted and pleased to provide this recommedation to Judi. She would be a loyal, dedicated and energetic asset to any company who hires her. 

-- Michael Heinisch, Executive Director, Kent Youth and Famly Services